Chandrapur College  (NAAC ACCREDITED-B)

Departments and Courses

Courses and Programmes Offered

Honours Course students from the Arts Stream must opt two of the three General elective subject-clusters as furnished below:

Honours Subjects General Elective Subjects (any two)
1. Bengali History, Political Science, Philosophy
2. History Philosophy, Political Science, English, Economics
3. English History, Philosophy, Bengali
4. Geography Economics, Math, History
5. Philosophy Bengali, History, Sanskrit
6. Sanskrit History, Philosophy, Political Science
7. Political Science Bengali, History, Sanskrit, Economics
8.Education           English or Bengali, History, Philosophy                                                                                
9.Mass Communication & Journalism                                                             English or Bengali, History, Political Science

General Stream Course students from the Arts Stream are to choose any of the following combination clusters:

1.    Bengali, History, Political Science
2.    Bengali, Philosophy, Economics
3.    English, Political Science, History
4.    Bengali, Philosophy, Sanskrit
5.    Bengali, Physical Education, Political Science
6.    History, Philosophy, Sanskrit
7.    Bengali, English, History
8.    Geography, English, Economics
9.    Geography, History, Political Science
10.    Physical Education, Mathematics, Economics
11.    Education, Philosophy, History
12.    Education, Bengali, History
13.    Mathematics, Economics and Geography (General Science)
14.    B.Sc.**(General Course combination subject like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
[** Availability of these combination clusters is subject to affiliation from Burdwan University]

The choice of the general elective groups for both Honours Course and General Course students from Commerce Stream is to be made as per provisions of the University of Burdwan